Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Project on Active Vibration Control

Problem Statement
To build a model in MATLAB© based on FEM analysis in ANSYS© for a simply supported beam and identifying the significant modes for the design of controller.

A given structure can vibrate with many modes. The design of controller for all the modes is very difficult. However, all the modes do not contribute significantly to the overall disturbance. Hence, we filter out the modes which cause the maximum disturbance. Hence a controller can be designed to control only these modes.

MATLAB© model was extracted from ANSYS© model. Displacement v/s Time plot for all modes included model and reduced model shows no visible difference for settling time and nature of curve. Hence, by controlling only the significant modes, controlling objective can be achieved. An attempt is made to control the first mode and the second mode of vibration in ANSYS©. Better results can be obtained by varying patch size and location.

Future Scope
Designing controller based on the MATLAB© results for reduced model and controlling the significant modes of vibration. An experimental setup can be fabricated based on this analysis.

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